Donkey Konga is a rhythm game for the Nintendo Gamecube, developed by Namco and published by Nintendo. The game is played with a specially designed controller called the DK Bongos; which resemble a pair of bongo drums.

The Japanese, European and US verisons of the game have different track lists.

Donkey Konga
NA: September 27, 2004
Developed By:
Published By:
1-4 Players
Music game

Story Edit

Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are hanging out at the beach one day when they come across some mysterious objects that resemble barrels. Fearing they had something to do with King K. Rool, they take them to Cranky Kong. Cranky explains that they are bongos, so Donkey tries playing them. Diddy tries to do so as well. Then, when Donkey claps, the bongos started glowing. Cranky explained that the bongos had some kind of power inside them. Donkey and Diddy continue to play the bongos, but they both play terribly. Cranky advises them to practice. At first they are against this, but then they realize if they can become successful in playing the bongos, they could afford as many bananas as they wish, so they start practicing.

Gameplay Edit

The gameplay of Donkey Konga involves playing the Bongo Drum Controller in time to each particular song, either by hitting the drum skins or by clapping. Each action is represented by a symbol on a scrolling screen;

  • Yellow represents a hit on the left bongo.
  • Red represents a hit on the right bongo.
  • Pink represents a hit on both bongos at the same time.
  • Blue Represents a clap.

The stretched out lines represent a drum or clapping roll, requiring the player to repeat the action throughout the bar.

Sequels Edit

There are two sequels to the game; Donkey Konga 2 and Donkey Konga 3, however Donkey Konga 3 has not been released outside Japan.

The games are almost completely the same, the only major differences being the songs on each of them.